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  • FTC Stops “Permanent Alcoholism Cure” Scam

    liquor 2 150x150 FTC Stops Permanent Alcoholism Cure ScamAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, that agency and the Florida Attorney General’s Office have won a court judgment of over $700,000 from the sellers of a bogus alcoholism cure. The company in question is called the Alcohol Cure Foundation (ACF), also known as Guilt Free Drinking, or Enjoy a Few. According to the FTC press release, ACF:

    • tricked consumers into paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to participate in the program
    • used ineffective dietary supplements in the supposed “cure”
    • referred to the company founder, who is not a doctor, as “Dr. Doug”
    • made impossible demands that consumers submit “proofs of continued drinking” including expensive lab tests and hair samples
    • charged consumers’ financial accounts without authorization
    • boasted that the company’s “team of doctors” would create customized, low-cost, and permanent alcoholism cures and
    • threatened customers who tried to cancel with revealing their alcoholism

    Remember, you should always carefully evaluate advertising claims for dietary supplements. If a company or product or even a charity claims to be able to “cure” a serious condition like diabetes, MS or cancer, be very, very wary.

    And, you can always look up companies at www.bbb.org to check their track record before you purchase. Another helpful guide is the FTC information on “Miracle Cures.”

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